August 10, 2022 BSA Staff Certification Dives – Pix via Google Photos

July 30, 2022 Staff Dive! Pix via Google Photos
note: BSA wireless blocks Google Photos, please use your phone’s carrier data.

HI it’s Ernie, I’m a funologist trying to squeeze as much out of life as I can. I am thankful that my wife April puts up with my shenanigans!

The summer of 2022 brings high adventure at Boy Scout camp, I’m captain on a dive boat for the scouts.

I live in a dorm for the summer at Florida High Adventure Sea Base with 3 roommates in Islamorada, Florida Keys. Sea Base trains scouts in SCUBA certification. I run the BSA Burglar, which is used for the student’s first open water dive in the ocean, after practicing in the pool. My Blog Page lists notes, images and links to photo albums about Sea Base as well as other adventures in my life.

April Cathy & Ernie in Islamorada

Have a look at a cool time lapse video of Captain Mike coming in to Sea Base ahead of a storm one June 2022 evening!

Random Adventures

BSA Adventure

Summer 2021 brought a job in the Florida Keys for me. Daughter Jessica lives in Key Largo and I would love to visit the area with my wife April someday soon. Earlier this summer I was doing a bit of “recon” around the town of Islamorada and came across an opportunity to run a dive boat with the Boy Scouts of America. I started out on Sea Scout, a 47′ Newton dive boat. Pictured at left is Adventure – a sister-ship of Sea Scout. I am now on the Burglar, a single engine Newton dive boat.

Divers in the Water
The divers have jumped in the water leaving me and the mate on board. We wait.