Returning motorcycle in Milan

The great Italian motorcycle adventure ended here in Milan.  It started in Rome and took me through Sabaudia, along the Appian Way,  through the heart of Italy. The weather was perfect.

The ride from my hotel in Milan to the rental agency was quite an adventure… the GPS was a bit wonky (operator error?) and as midday led to afternoon I found myself riding in circles among the Milan streetcar tracks that run along the streets… with the streetcars. I came across an intersection that was blocked because they decided to rearrange the traffic pattern. OK, go around. Then, construction. Try Google maps, sketchy. Back to the on board GPS. No luck. Back to GPS… I knew I was close, ask a utility worker. No luck. Try again… finally found the garage where the rental agency was located.  That was easy, eh? NOT. I wanted adventure and got it 🙂

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