Delivery from Patchouge NY to Fort Lauderdale

Sunday October 13

after reading over the literature about the boat I got up early Monday morning and left the marina and headed through great South Bay on my way to fire Island it was pretty foggy but yeah that burned off as I approached the inlet
I left fire Island and let the seas were home I left
departing fire Island Inlet on the south shore of Long Island I crossed over to New Jersey through New York Harbor approach I didn’t see Manhattan which was surprising I was about 20 miles offshore but it was a little hazy so I didn’t see the city as I made my way across to New Jersey and I realized it fuel on board was disappearing rather rapidly

Monday, October 14

Going from Long Island to New Jersey I found that the fuel was no one fast my plan was to make it to Cape May New Jersey which is about 180 miles the Ranger the boat was supposed to be 200 miles but halfway there I was down to a quarter of a tank so plan B was Atlantic City Absecon Inlet I’ll have to check my notes there’s a mixup there goes the first reasonable stop was up 135 miles there was one stop at 75 miles that I didn’t wanna get that right off the bat so I took off ended up in Atlantic City fuel about mid day

Leaving New York City about 2 o’clock and headed for either Keith Mary or Ocean City Maryland my electronics stopped working on the boat no depth finder no radar no GPS the GPS wasn’t a big deal because I was using my tablet and my phone which actually is ideal but in any case I have been talking to Michael yes in a little concerned but I had battery back ups for my devices so I don’t like her I was in pretty good shape the onions are running

After leaving Atlantic City about 2 PM I got to Ocean City Maryland about 6 PM and took on fuel and tied up and called an electrician came in and checked out the electronics it seems the battery in the house battery was dead because the boat was without power for a few days prior to my departure the King tides had caused problems with the wiring on the dark in Patchogue on Long Island it seems there was a breaker tripped for one thing and another

The battery was not charging because of a safety feature that prevents batteries from a charged under charged

another block

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