Day 4 Butler Beach to Flagler Beach

Friday, December 6

Friday, December 6 – got up and finished up the oil change mess from the previous day and straightened up the boat and then left around mid day from the Anchorage south of Saint Augustine and went past Marine land marina which is very cool because if you tie up there you can walk across A1A to the ocean plus the rates there are pretty damn cheap buck and a half a foot maybe so that would be a cool place to hang out for a month! I am now anchored near Flagler Beach in front of the sea ray boat factory in a weird little lake that they seem to be filling in or something I don’t know but I’ll take it around tall

I ran until around sunset and started to become concerned that I wouldn’t find a place to Anchor but I could’ve anchored out in the ICW in a white spot but spotted this little Anchorage on the chart using a Navionics and here I am hopefully I can get a an early start tomorrow and hopefully make it 60 miles or so tomorrow unless I go outside at new Smyrna Ponson let in which case I would have to go out and around Cape Canaveral

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