Day 5 Flagler Beach to New Smyrna Beach

Saturday December 7

New Smyrna Beach Sunset
Sunset in New Smyrna Beach

Flagler Beach was a nice spot to anchor, in a lake near the Sea Ray factory. It was nice to have the lake to myself, except for a few folks fishing on the shore and in some small fishing boats.

New Smyrna Beach was an adventure, a stupid bridge tender held me up for a half an hour. The bridge is on a schedule, opens on the hour and half hour. I got there right on time, but instead of using the official name of the bridge, I was calling on the VHF for the New Smyrna Beach bridge (the only drawbridge in town). By the time I looked it up and called on the cell phone, it was a minute after the hour and he make me wait 1/2 hour which put me at my anchorage around dark so I couldn’t see very well and bumped the bottom. Grrrrrrr fortunately I was able to get into deeper water and motored to a better defined location and stayed overnight on the hook.

Sunrise in New Smyrna Beach

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