Please post links to photos using file sharing sites such as Dropbox, Flikr, OneDrive, Google Photos etc. using the comment box below so we can all share!
Thank you Ginger for the cool rainbow picture!


    1. Hi Justin, I am looking forward to those photos. By the way, which type of cloud creates the most thunderstorms?
      Answer: Cumulonimbus – these clouds can reach over 39000 feet (12000 meters). The high winds at this height flatten the tops of the clouds forming the classic ‘anvil’ shape associated with thunderstorms.

      1. hello its justin. I went scub diving with my phone in my pocket and it broke so I lost the website name. Once I get home I can post some pictures.

        1. HI Justin, I’m looking forward to the pictures! I was snorkeling today, lucky us! I’ll try to post some some pix soon, hopefully I’ll be out snorkeling tomorrow.

    1. Thank you so much Ginger! The picture is now at the top of the page, clicking on it produces a better quality image with the rainbow leading to the flybridge of the Burglar.

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