Anne Frank Museum

Line to see the Anne Frank museum.
Line to see the Anne Frank museum.

According to the locals, the Anne Frank Museum is always busy. I was lucky enough to get special treatment and had a ticket in hand to go past this line. My hotel scheduled me and I pretty much walked right in!

The exhibit is sobering. It was not uncommon to hear sniffing, a bit of sobbing, and to see dabbing of the eyes. It’s emotional. I was choked up.  Anybody who talked, spoke in hushed tones as we made our way through the warehouse office that turned in to a dwelling for 8 people for more than 2years.

We saw parts of her diary, and many exhibits explaining the story. Anne Frank was an intelligent, special girl and her father saw to it that her diary was published. Now The Diary of Anne Frank  is one of the 10 most read books in the world.

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What more can a man ask for

In Amsterdam, down the street from the W was Son of India food joint with many different things in the display case. I managed to convey the fact that I wanted some of everything that had no meat, which was just about all of the foods. We ran out of room on the plate and could have kept going… I walked out of that place with the leftovers and a 6 pack of Heinys for a late night snack at the hotel.

Curry potatoes and chick peas, rice, spinach, string beans, and a bit of extra curry schmuey in the little plastic bag on the left side of the plate. Nice!