Good eats in Copenhagen

omg veggie sandwich with hummus, tapenade, cilantro, beet chunks, lettuce, tomato. spicy tomato soup with croutons and a chunk of cheese. on a cool day. nice.

What more can a man ask for

In Amsterdam, down the street from the W was Son of India food joint with many different things in the display case. I managed to convey the fact that I wanted some of everything that had no meat, which was just about all of the foods. We ran out of room on the plate and could have kept going… I walked out of that place with the leftovers and a 6 pack of Heinys for a late night snack at the hotel.

Curry potatoes and chick peas, rice, spinach, string beans, and a bit of extra curry schmuey in the little plastic bag on the left side of the plate. Nice!

Spinach Thang

I think this is in Milan – a warm spinach and feta cheese boat with different types of lettuce, olives, red peppers with garlic schmuey on top!  ‘love me some middle eastern food.  I can get Italian food any time so I want to try different types of food.  I was gooooood.

I saw some pepperocini

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