Sailing Songs

Sailing Song Suggestions

Please share your favorite sailing songs – use the reply box below. Please let me know what songs you enjoy when sailing, or when you are on land wishing you were sailing !

Ride Captain Ride is a song recorded by the American rock band Blues Image

Thanks Doug from Troop 1849!

This has got to me my favorite 🙂

Ready to fly

Waiting at the airport in Copenhagen, Denmark. I have been a bit sick for the past few days and want to go home. Clicking my heels 3 times didn’t help 🙂

Take Me HOME

Drive To Sweden

I rented a car today and drove to Sweden over a bridge that looks similar to the Sunshine SkyWay in Tampa. I saw mostly farms and a few small towns, then took a ferry back to Denmark north of Copenhagen. The leaves are starting to turn color, mostly yellow.sweden-denmark-ferry

No More Selfies

My cell phone fell out of my stupid jacket. It still works but the glass near the selfie camera sensor is cracked bad.

Hanging’ with Jay at the Marlins game

It doesn't look like the Marlins are going to make the playoffs but they fought the good fight this year!  ><((((º> . ·´¯`·.¸_¸.··.¸_¸><((((º> . ·´¯`·.¸_¸.··.¸_¸><((((º>