After Oktoberfest in Munich

Oktoberfest was actually over when I had a bite to eat at a nice restaurant near my hostel, and had a good time. This is the one of the few shots I got of the traditional Oktoberfest garb.

KrohnBand at Alfonso’s Live-Music Club

Monday 3 October 2016 Sunday night at Alfonso’s Live-Music Club was such a blast that I ended up there again on Monday night. The Krohnband played Rock & Blues. I had a nice chat with Hans Krohn and the band, and bought a CD – traveller in between … they are on Facebook.

Germany or Holland?

They need to clean the windows on this train.  This is most likely in Germany, leaving the Black Forest and heading for Holland.

My hostel room

Ummm, pretty economical. 6 beds, one toilet and shower. Towels cost extra. 2 blocks from Theresienwiese, the Oktoberfest site.

Munich Germany

Seeing the sights in Munich, this picture has not been retouched but sure looks like it.

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