February 2023 Sail to Keys

I had a wonderful sailing adventure, links to the blog posts are below.
Winter is the time to cruise in Florida for me, it’s too hot in the summer. Watching the weather and my calendar, an opportunity popped up with some time available and a perfect weather forecast for the upcoming week – a cold front with a nice north-east wind, low humidity, and cool temperatures. Time to head south to the Keys. The NE wind was to turn south-east late in the week, good for a return trip to Fort Lauderdale.
Below are links to the blog posts for each day. Each blog post has a link to the next post as well.
Day 1 – Fort Lauderdale to Key Biscayne
Day 2 – Key Biscayne to Key Largo
Day 3 – Key Largo to Matacumbe Key
Day 4 – Matacumbe to Key Largo
Day 5 – Key Largo to Fort Lauderdale

February 6 – 10, 2023