March 2022 Cheoy Lee 41 Sailboat Delivery

Carlos and Ernie – more pix at Google Photos

In March 2022, Carlos contacted me about helping take his newly acquired 41′ Cheoy Lee sailboat from Miami to Key West. We left Miami and got as far as Key Largo under power. The wind was on our nose so we chose not to sail, using the engine to make better time.

As we got to the northern end of Key Largo in late afternoon, the belt on the engine broke. We sailed in close to shore, at Garden Cove. I took the dinghy in to Garden Cove Marina, as it was too shallow for the sailboat. I tied the dinghy up at the marina and had my daughter Jessica pick me up there – she lives in Key Largo so I was able to stay at her place overnight. In the morning, I took her to work at Mrs. Mac’s Kitchen and used her car for a parts run and then dropped it off at Mrs. Mac’s. Then it was off to Garden Cove Marina via Uber, then jumped in the dinghy to run out to the sailboat and Carlos.

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