Saint Patrick’s Well

funny story – After a great motorcycle ride to find the top of the Saint Patrick’s Well area, I saw a lot of tourists entering a tram terminal. I ASSumed that lead to the attraction (I didn’t realize what the well even was, thinking of a small well we typically see) and I actually bought a ticket to take the tram to the BOTTOM of the well area!! As it turns out the well is a very large structure, the tram is used to transport tourists back to the top after descending down the well.

from WikiPedia: The cylindrical well is 53.15 metres (174.4 ft) deep with a base diameter of 13 metres (43 ft). There are 248 steps and 70 windows provide illumination.

After getting to the bottom on the tram, I eventually realized what the deal was and had the presence of mind [ha-ha] to stay on the tram to take it back to the top where my motor cycle was.  I didn’t descend the well steps, time was tight… I got a chuckle out of the whole episode.