July 13, 2022 – April Cathy & Ernie in Islamorada

Wednesday Cathy and I went snorkeling at Cheeca Rocks, about one mile from Breezy Palms Resort. I went and got the boat from Caloosa Cove Marina and ran it about 5 miles up to our place. It was a wonderful dive, the visibility was good and the reef was alive with life. We saw: grouper, sergeant majors, a sea turtle lazing about looking for lunch, hard and soft corals. Parrot fish. Angel fish. Christmas Tree Worms, which retreat in to the coral heads when frightened. Some Coral Bleaching <frowny face> but overall healthy coral <smile>.

Then on the Lorelei Restaurant And Cabana Bar

Sunset at Lorelei Restaurant And Cabana Bar – MORE PIX at Google Photos

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