Christian Lauw helped me find a bike to rent in Munich and even provided me with a bandage for my blistered toe. THANK YOU Christian!!

Without Christian, I don’t think that I would have been able to see the wonderful sights that I saw in Munich.

If anybody needs a Rikshaw tour in Munich, Christian is da MAN

christian.lauw at

Ready to fly

Waiting at the airport in Copenhagen, Denmark. I have been a bit sick for the past few days and want to go home. Clicking my heels 3 times didn’t help šŸ™‚

Ride from Montepulciano to Verona to Sirmione

In MontepulcianoĀ  the hotel was so nice that I hung out until midday and then had a beautiful ride through Sienna,Ā a province in Tuscany – the long rolling hills were magnificent. The motorcycle does not have power brakes, so I was able to turn off the engine and coast downhill a long way from time… Continue reading Ride from Montepulciano to Verona to Sirmione


I made my way to Sirmione and a beautiful hotel. I took this picture of the front desk from the second floor balcony because I was relived to find a nice hotel while traveling without making reservations ahead of time, it was a bit sketchy not getting a hotel as the day was ending in… Continue reading Sirmione