Christian Lauw helped me find a bike to rent in Munich and even provided me with a bandage for my blistered toe. THANK YOU Christian!!

Without Christian, I don’t think that I would have been able to see the wonderful sights that I saw in Munich.

If anybody needs a Rikshaw tour in Munich, Christian is da MAN

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After Oktoberfest in Munich

Oktoberfest was actually over when I had a bite to eat at a nice restaurant near my hostel, and had a good time. This is the one of the few shots I got of the traditional Oktoberfest garb.

KrohnBand at Alfonso’s Live-Music Club

Monday 3 October 2016 Sunday night at Alfonso’s Live-Music Club was such a blast that I ended up there again on Monday night. The Krohnband played Rock & Blues. I had a nice chat with Hans Krohn and the band, and bought a CD – traveller in between … they are on Facebook.

My hostel room

Ummm, pretty economical. 6 beds, one toilet and shower. Towels cost extra. 2 blocks from Theresienwiese, the Oktoberfest site.

Spinach Thang

I think this is in Milan – a warm spinach and feta cheese boat with different types of lettuce, olives, red peppers with garlic schmuey on top!  ‘love me some middle eastern food.  I can get Italian food any time so I want to try different types of food.  I was gooooood. I saw some… Continue reading Spinach Thang

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On the Subway Train in Munich

On the S-train going to my hostel in central Munich, leaving from the airport. As it turns out, the hostel is 2 blocks from Oktoberfest.  It’s a bit too close, a madhouse.  The hostel is about 10 blocks from the central train station where I need to catch the train(s) to Amsterdam.

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