Oktoberfest and Blues Music in Munich

Oktoberfest was a block from my hostel – too bad it was drizzling. I actually had no  beer at Oktoberfest.

Oktoberfest was a wash. After a short flight from Milan to Munich (the train ride from the airport took just as long as the flight), I found my way to the hostel and got organized.

In the hostel room there are 6 bunk beds and one toilet and shower. The Oktoberfest activities were a block away. The day I arrived I walked down the block, admiring the traditionally dressed people heading towards the fun. It was drizzling, and the rain steadily came down harder. It’s kind of a circus any way so I healed toward the subway to get out of the rain, figuring that I would try to learn the subway system, as I have to leave early Tuesday for my great train adventure. I grabbed a subway train and the first station I stumbled out of was just amazing. I walked around for a while and then started looking for live blues music.

Google found a promising blues place and I jumped in a cab and showed him the address. he said it was shorter to walk and off I went. I never did find that place, and googled another place. I walked and walked for about half an hour only to walk RIGHT past my hostel on my way to a bar that didn’t have music this night. Determined to find some music, I googled again and found a place about 2 miles away. I asked in a bar to get me a cab, she said because of October fest it is would be difficult to get a cab and didn’t even try. I flagged a cab nearby and of were went in to the Munich night, across town to Alfonso’s and the place was a blast. A small club packed with locals and what fun. The band speaks and sings half on German, half in English. The are on break right now.

I took notes on a scratch pad as I traveled when possible. I later used voice to text transcription on my cell phone and send it to my blog via email. At times I would text directly on the phone instead of transcription and also sent it to the blog the same way. So this blog may be in present tense as well as past tense.

Now they are playing again… It’s 10 pm and I’m loving it! Jam session tonight so we have a guest player now, banging away on an acoustic guitar And singing on English. I met a nice couple named Dagi and Ralf.  They spoke English and we chatted throughout the night. I had a wonderful time!