Key Biscayne to Key Largo 7feb2023

On Tuesday morning I pulled anchor and left Key Biscayne and sailed south in Biscayne Bay, passing a few keys: Soldier, Boca Chita, Elliot, Adams, and others. The bay is shallow in spots, so it’s important to navigate through the channels at Featherbed Bank, etc. Leaving lower Biscayne Bay, next is Card Sound and then Little Card Sound. A few “sounds” later, I dropped anchor at Blackwater Sound on the backside of Key Largo near Jimmy Johnson’s Big Chill Restaurant where I was able to have dinner and enjoy the sunset over the water.

Anchoring was interesting, it was windy and there is a small layer of mud on top of hard bottom. Using my anchor alarm app I found that I was dragging anchor. Up came the anchor and off to a more protected cove. With 2 anchors out, I set my Anchor Watch Pro / Alarm app and crossed my fingers. The anchors held while I used the dinghy to motor over to the restaurant – I couldn’t see the boat while having dinner as night fell. It was a leap of faith… I dreaded heading back to the cove to find the boat had dragged anchor in the dark. Thankfully the boat was still there!

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