13nov2023 Having Fun in Key West

Having sailed to Key West, the boat is at anchor. Today, I took the dinghy in to the city dock. To tie up at the dinghy dock, it costs $8 per day, weekly and monthly rates are available as well. It sure is a LOT cheaper than parking a car in Old Town Key West for the day!

I guess it’s a leap of faith to leave the boat anchored in the harbor, but it is pretty laid back and I really didn’t worry about anybody boarding the boat while I was in town.

It’s fun to think about the history of that harbor and to think I’m anchored in the same spot as vessels from another era. I had my trusty folding bicycle to ride around Key West. It’s all that is needed in Key West, it’s a pretty small area. The whole island is about 1×4 miles, and Old Town is maybe 1 mile square. Easy on a bike!

Good Music Emanating From 512 Front Street

Today I was bumming around Key West and stopped to listen to Rick playing at Two Friends Patio Restaurant, but his set was over. He mentioned that he was playing later that evening at another place across town, Ram’s Head. I caught him there and had a great time!

In the Zone

After hearing a bit of Rick Fusco’s music at Two Friends on Front Street, I caught him later at Ram’s Head – he plays original music and good covers. It was nice to chat with the locals… good vibes!

Key West View from Man Of War Harbor

After finding my way back to the boat (while a bit drunk) in Man of War Harbor in Key West, I took this picture from the cabin. Being socked in by weather in Key West isn’t so bad.

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