17nov2023 Sailing and Snorkeling at Looe Key Reef

Here’s a link to my pictures from Friday, at Google Photos

Underway leaving oceans Edge Marina on Stock Island Key West headed towards Newfound Harbor which is about halfway to Marathon where I hope to spend the night and then go to Marathon tomorrow. There is very little wind, ocean is flat. Visibility may not be so great because of the recent crazy weather.

I’m off Boca Chica Key going one and a half miles an hour but that’s okay I have all day to go 20 miles and the wind is supposed to pick up later.

I’m near Saddlehill Key heading out towards West Washerwoman Shoal to see if the visibility is okay and I may just jump in the water and see what there is to see do a little snorkeling Etc

off of Sugarloaf Key I’m heading for Ninefoot Shoal in Hawk Channel. According to the hot spots chart that’s supposed to be a nice diving spot. I’m going to check it out. The visibility was not so hot at West Washerwoman Shoal.

Stopping at Looe Key Reef, one of the best diving spots in the Keys.

I did a little snorkeling at a very nice dive spot – Looe Key Reef. I’m heading into Newfound Harbor to find the place to anchor or grab a mooring ball for the night. I’m thinking maybe Niles Channel.

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