19nov2023 On the Bus to Key West to Get My Car

Part of the appeal of travel and adventure to me is logistics. Part of the process of sailing from Key West to Islamorada was leaving my car at Key West, in the Ocean’s Edge Resort parking lot. I needed to retrieve it after the sail so on early Sunday November 19 I used the Lower Keys Shuttle bus to get a ride to Key West, to get the car. I first rode my motorcycle from the apartment in Islamorada to Marathon. Riding along the Overseas Highway, the route was reversed from part of the sailing route the day before in the sailboat. It is interesting to see the Keys from different perspectives. The weather was cool so it was a pleasant motorcycle trip.

I parked the Harley near the bus stop, and the Lower Keys Shuttle arrived on schedule. I then transitioned from two wheels to four. The Keys has a nice bus system. However it’s 2 separate bus routes, Upper Keys (mainland to Marathon) and Lower Keys (Marathon to Key West). I could have taken a bus from the apartment in Islamorada to Marathon, but I would have had to wait for 2 different buses. So, I took the motorcycle to Marathon. I figured that I would get the motorcycle another time – I want to take it to a dealer in Marathon on Monday to see if Fuzzy at Keys Cycles would want to sell it for me.

As the bus rambled through the scenic Keys, it was tough to fight the urge to take pictures on the bus. Some of the other riders may think it odd. The urge overtook me on the 7 Mile Bridge, see below. While driving in a car it’s hard to take pictures! I had a nice conversation with a couple who were traveling to Key West, we both commented that taking the bus is easier than renting cars and flying. The 70 minute bus trip to Key West was over in an instant. The Lower Keys are different geologically than the Upper Keys. On Big Pine Key, it’s common to see the small Key Deer along the roadways.

Stepping off the bus, it was a mile walk to Ocean’s Edge Resort on Stock Island. Picking up my car, I explored a bit on Stock Island, which is part of the City of Key West. Stock Island Yacht Club is nearby, it’s an enclave similar to Ocean’s Edge Resort. Both are separated from the gritty working marinas on Stock Island by fences and guard gates.

The Lower Keys Shuttle bus runs from Key West to Marathon

It’s hard to see it in this bus picture, but the 7 Mile Bridge across Moser Channel appears to be a bridge to the heavens.


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